Sporting Bodies

Sporting Bodies

Invest in your athletes not only as role models on the field but off the field too.

Times of change and transition can be a scary and confusing time for an athlete. Athletes can go from being the centre of attention and star performer to what feels like mediocrity in a small space of time. One moment you can fly high, full of confidence, and the next, total uncertainty of what comes next. Athletes can be left lacking purpose which can lead to poor decision making.

Sporting Bodies do a great job of supporting their athletes during training, competition and major events, but what about post major events? And times of injury? Or retirement?

Sporting Bodies must support and invest in their athletes’ welfare through these times of change and transition. Athlete Education can provide the workshops and mentoring needed for athletes to be empowered to make healthy and constructive decisions that reflect the Sport in a positive way.

Workshop Series

Portable skills
Workshop 1 – What next?
Workshop 2 – Emotional Intelligence
Workshop 3 – The Athlete Skill Set
Workshop 4 – What replaces the Athlete high?
Workshop 5 – Goal setting and personal leadership
One on One follow-ups – individualised feedback, support and planning for each participant in the series of workshops. Support to make contact.

-5 x 90 minute workshops + One on One follow up with each participant

Contact Athlete Education for more information and to book a series of workshops for your athletes.


Help your athletes find a professional sponsor, a sponsor who will support the athlete in times of change and have conversations that lead to growth. Mentoring conversations provide empathy, feedback, guidance, advice and ultimately, purpose.


Workshop Series + One on One follow up – $2000 per participant
Mentoring – $200 per conversation

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