Athlete Education is passionate about empowering and supporting athletes through times of transition.

We are working for your success

These times of transition may include:

Forced time off through injury

Recovery after major competitions

Changes to playing contracts


Athlete Education empowers athletes through recognition and development of the skill set athletes establish through many years of sport and supports them through the range of programs offered.

Athlete Education partner with Sporting Associations and welfare teams, schools and athletes to support, empower and educate.

athlete-education-about-sarah-kleinSarah Klein is the founder of Athlete Education and knows first hand the highs and lows of sport, and also, the uncertainty that comes in times of transition, both deliberately and unexpectedly. She has successfully balanced full-time training for international level competition with a career in education.

athlete-education-about-sarah-klein-2Sarah is a current competing athlete who specialises over the marathon distance. She represented Australia at the 2014 Commonwealth Games and 2015 World Athletics Championships, both in the marathon, and narrowly missed selection for the 2016 Olympics. She aspires to compete in future World Championship and Commonwealth Games events.

Sarah also has extensive experience working in the education system, having worked at a number of desirable schools in Melbourne. She has lead a team of staff to develop skills frameworks that aim to equip students with skills needed for the 21st century. She is passionate about educating the whole person which includes learning knowledge, values and skills.

Sarah understands that the workforce is an ever evolving place which makes the need for transferable skills essential. She understands that people are no longer expected to do just one job for their entire life and that they are likely to make many changes throughout one’s career. With the skill set athletes develop through sport, Sarah believes athletes are equipped with essential skills that can be transferred to new situations and she is passionate about facilitating athlete’s recognition of them and subsequent development.